These delightful stories by Mrs Shirley Young have been written for older children and young teens, but may also be enjoyed by younger children and adults. Each story teaches some kind of moral or lesson, and each finishes with a picture that your children can colour in. We hope that you will enjoy these stories as much as we do


A Naughty Donkey Learns His Lesson

A Tale of Two Dogs

A Wild Night

Barney, the Greedy Cat

Barney Creates Chaos

Barney Disappears

Barney Rescues an Old Lady

Barney and Tompkins Go to the Fair

Tompkins Learns a Lesson

The Transformation of Miranda

Pride and Prattle

The Investigators

Love Conquers All

The Rise and Fall of Henry Ginger

Charlie, the Mischievous Chimp

Digby Dog and Friends Do a Good Work

Forbidden Fruit

Katy Kitten’s Frightening Adventure

Tiger, the Royal Mail Cat

Toby Saves the Day

Woodland Justice