About this website

     This website contains a series of Bible Lessons and Associated Activity Sheets that have been created as a resource for parents to use as they teach their children about God’s Way of Life. A separate series of lessons is also available for older teens to study by themselves and/or with their parents.

Who is it for?

     These lessons have been written primarily for those who follow the way of life practiced and taught by Christ and the Apostles (i.e. those Christians who continue to celebrate, for example, the seventh day Sabbath and the biblical Holy Days). We also hope the lessons may be of interest to others who are willing to explore this perspective and discover the richness it can add to our understanding of God’s Plan of salvation through Jesus Christ.  

Getting started

     Each Bible Lesson builds on material contained in the previous lesson, so we suggest that you begin “at the beginning” (Genesis) and work your way systematically through the lessons, pausing to teach the Holy Day Lessons “in their season”. There are five versions of each lesson to choose from: for children aged  4-5, 6-7, 8-9, 10-12 and 13+. However these are just suggested ages! Please use whichever version is best suited to your  children’s understanding and maturity. They’ll enjoy the lessons more – and learn more – if you do.

     The Activity Sheets accompanying each lesson range from the simple to the more challenging, so you can select those most suited to the ability and interests of your children. To help in your selection, we have included a suggested age range at the bottom of each  sheet. All of the Bible Lessons and Activity Sheets are downloadable and photocopy friendly.